Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OR run out of money =x same difference.

I got my $75 refund debit card from at&t from my b l a c k b e r r y. Which is wierd because my blackberry broke and they gave me $250 credit for it, so I got the i p h o n e but they still sent me my refund back. It must be l u c k haha.

So I went to Westminster Mall today, not intending to buy anything, just went to the bank and all...When I see Best Buy across the way from the bank so I f i g u r e d I'd see if they had any cases for my i p h o n e. D I S A P P O I N T E D. Too e x p e n s i v e and not even nice. I looked to the left and I see this bag and I'm like "wow that's really cute! and it's betsy I in bestbuy?" I wasn't lost, I really was in Best Buy, and low and behold designer bags by the cellphone a c c e s s o r i e s.

I took pictures for p r o o f..hehe. It's only camera phone so it aint all that or nothing.

(Best Buy is going Macy's or what?)

& since they didn't have anything and I had some time to kill with the mall right infront of me calling my name. I gave in to t e m p t a t i o n and told myself I would just "look around" I go inside and the f i r s t thing I see is "helen's beauty supply" I love checking out different beauty supply stores cause they carry some pretty cool things. Sometimes NYX lipsticks! But there was no NYX in this one. & in most of the beauty supply stores, I get d i s a p p o i n t e d cause it's more hair stuff. But this one didn't disappoint! I was so a m a z e d like a kid in the candy store. One of the first ones I noticed was "Le Femme." I've read a lot about people ordering it online. The "Le Femme" line wasn't just in one place it was kind of all over, so while i was persuing I'd be suprised to see more of it. They had everything "La Femme" but I decided to get 2 e/s in blue shades just because I really don't have much blue eyeshadow and I thought they were pretty. Also they had a massive collection of eyelashes like I've never seen before! I was in heaven! But I didn't buy any eyelashes because I have too many and how many pairs of lashes does a pair of eyes need?

La Femme everywhere!!

Eyelash HEAVEN ;]

I thought about you DONNA and our lil convo about our puffy eyes haha. (excuse my groddy lookin' nail)

I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE!

This looks..conspicuous. hmm..

The "Le Femme" e/s I bought ;]

Then I ended up passing by one of those cell phone accessories booth and made nice with the girl working there. It goes to show you that making nice goes a long way. The case was originally $12 & the screen protector $5 & even that sounds pretty decent priced to me but she gave them both to me for $10. YAY!

Doesn't it look pretty?

OK right when I thought what luck I was having today I see claires was having a sale. They had a section where if the item was originally $10 and under you could get it for a $1. A FRIGGIN $1. Suprisingly I didn't go too crazy. I got a bracelet, 2 pairs of earrings and since my friend Tina LOVES clutches, I GOT HER TWO! Good friend? sure.. Bargain hunter? HECK YA!

& when my luck couldn't get anybetter..I stumble across this store called,"CLUE." Now I've been wanting a peacoat, I have one but it's a bit long and it cost me a pretty penny ;[ The cheapest I've seen any peacoats were at F21 for $49.99 but this store had them for $15, NO LIE! I got 2! and I got a cute short sleeve sweater for $10.

I basicly used my refund card and still have money to spare! If only everyday could be like this ;]

Oh what a day, what a day ;]


HEy girl! W00t thanks for the eye serum mention thing hahaha. Let me know after you've used it, how it is. Is the model in a bottle thing similar to Mac's Fix+? How much was it?

That white coat looks fabulous btw... especially for only $15!!!!!

haha your welcome!! i haven't tried any of the stuff out yet but i'll let you know when i do!

Nice bargains! I doubt my local BestBuy carry desinger bags. Btw, nice banner.

That's the first best buy I ever saw that carried them, it was wierd. I was kind of skeptical about the banner, thought it might be a bit straining to the EYE!But thanks ;]


I love ur blog so far!! Holy crap i got the same peacoat for 15 :(
U catch the best deals. Which forever 21 did u go to?

U got really pretty lashes. WHich brand do u use mostly?

Hi Jen!

Thanks so much! I go to the forever 21 at the Los Cerritos Center & Westminster Mall. I like Westminster a lot. They have more "self owned" stores that carry really cute stuff! My favorite lashes of all time is Ardell's "Babies" & my second favorite is Ardell's "Demi-Wispies" Thanks for being so sweet and for stopping by and reading my blog ;]

Thanks for answering my question.

No promblem, your blog is well written and entertaining. Dont stop writing


Thanks Jen, that means a lot to me ;]

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