Monday, August 25, 2008

FOTD: brown & green

I always have a favorite color for clothes, and then I move into another color. This summer, I've definitely liked the way green looks on me, & I'm starting to dread PINK. I just don't think it brings out my skin tone, and if anything I think it makes me look like I'm teener bopper-ish in a way [depending on what I'm wearing]. I do like colors for eyeshadow, but I like to keep it subtle, no neon colors! Anyways, I was inspired by this top that I got at KOHL's for 3 bones. YAY!

super flash status. that's how my pictures come out when I leave my camera on MICRO.


You have gorgeous long hair girl :)

I want to chop it off!! haha It's getting annoying now LOL. But thanks, my hair is important to me too. I'm suprised I still have any hair at all cause of all the hair dying!