Saturday, August 23, 2008

sorry for the brief hiatus..

1. I've had no internet for a week or so but I got some installed today so yay!
2. I've used my iphone to update on ABB but yea it was really hard.
3. I just started school.

So school was actually really fun. I'm usually nervous but I got to go through it with one of my besties, Tina. We have all our classes together and it was just exciting! We went to this club job fair we had to go to between periods for our career overview presentation, and they were giving out hotdogs! Sadly, I dropped mine ;(

I know summer scarves are pretty controversial xP but I love them! And I wore one on the first day of school. I think summer scarves make a great accent to a plain tank top or shirt! I hope y'all are getting back into school-mode and enjoying it!