Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SUGAR is the devil's dust...OR IS IT?

As a kid, I DID NOT have a sweet tooth. As freakishly abnormal as this sounds, I actually preferred vegetables. Fast forward a good decade or two and the INNER FAT GIRL within me was born. My taste buds have definitely evolved and every tooth I own is sweet and all my taste buds yearn for that oh so yummilicious sweetness of delectable foodgasm ecstasy...AKA devil's dust. Some people might say it's a little melodramatic to call it that 'cause there are other white powdery substances more suitable for that name (which shall not be named) but, by golly, IT MIGHT AS WELL BE CRACK. Except the kind that just makes you fat. & for the umpteenth time, I KNOW I'M NOT FAT. I just wasn't blessed with good fat distribution. BELIEVE ME, if my fat went in all the right places, I would be doing this all day...

bathing in donuts!
Ok, that actually sounds and looks disgusting.


 But last night,  as I was researching the health benefits on sugar (are there any?) I discovered that there may not really be any HEALTH benefits by consuming sugar but it is useful!

('cause I sure didn't, so if you already knew please let me just lather in my new found knowledge sharing moment ok!?)

Sugar can help clean pimple overnight.

no, freaking way?WAY! & here's how..
 Mix 1tsp of sugar & put a few drops water until it turns into a pasty consistency.
Apply enough of the paste to cover the blemish and leave on overnight.


Sucrose inhibits the growth of bacteria to help reduce the swelling by morning.
Anything that kills pimples is a friend in my book!

 Sugar brings instant relief to painful burned tongue.
(I do this on the reggies 'cause I like my food HOT HOT HOT!)
Pinch of sugar and hold it against the roof of your mouth.
The melting crystals stimulate the brain to release endorphins aka the chemical released after the boom chicka wow wow

Sugar can lighten skin discoloration.
  Add ½ tsp of sugar to a bowl filled with the juice of half a lemon. Apply and leave on for a couple minutes, then rinse. The abrasive sugar granules and the natural bleaching agents in the citrus fruit will gently fade dark spots.

Sugar can help fire up the grill. 
When exposed to high temperatures, sugar rapidly decomposes and forms hydroxymethyl-furfural, a chemical that easily ignites.

Sugar as flies trap. 
Combine ½ cup of sugar, 2 cups of milk and 2oz of ground pepper in a small saucepan. Let simmer for 10 minutes, then pour into empty plates and leave in the open where flies will be attracted to its sweetness. Heating the ingredients causes the sugar to melt, making it very sticky. Milk and pepper enhance the aroma of the caramelized sweetener, attracting flies to the glue-like mixture and trapping them instantly. 

Kill Cockroaches with sugar. 
Mix equal parts of sugar and baking powder. Sugar attracts cockroaches and baking powder kills them.

That one is actually very helpful because I cannot kill any bugs that make a crunch *shivers*

Boo Boo Healer
 Treat minor cuts and scrapes with a sprinkle of sugar. The ancient germ buster is naturally antibacterial, and it speeds up healing as well.

So, sugar, you and I are officially friends with benefits...