Tuesday, August 26, 2008


That's me and miss serenity about to walk to the park down the street. Being a mommy is the best.

So school has been really exhausting lately. Besides the papers, and essays, I'm taking a circuit training class with my girl Tina and I think it's making me more lazy and tired than I usually would be. I don't think it's even helping me get toned because as soon as I get home I end up stuffing my face 'till I can't budge. So since I can't even bear to move an inch, what do I do? I get stuck watching shows like "the hills" or some other thing. DAMN YOU CABLE. All the entertainment to keep you from your priorities at the click of a button! Everything has been kind of hard for me lately.. being apart from the boyfriend, and trying to make time for him between my baby, school and homework! Last night, I was watching The Hills, eating dinner, doing hw for my Journalism class, trying to find a driver for my printer, watching the baby, and talking on the phone with mister big[the bf]. My brain was on serious overload, so I had brain farts all today ;(


awwww u look beautiful walking with the lil girl! i love that shot. girl i understand all about multi tasking! but thats what comes along with the territory of being a women, mother, and significant other.

aww thanks sweety! I KNOW YOU FEEL ME right!? haha

looks like you should take it easy soon or you'll have a brain fart or a breakdown! good thing a 3 day weekend is coming up... hope you take a nice long break TO YOURSELF!!

and as far as multitasking goes, it's a curse and a gift! as much as we can do so many things at once (and apparently, guys are either incapable of doing it or don't, because studies show that they only use one side of the brain and can't seem to multitask...) it sometimes becomes a hassle! better to love it than hate it though!

yea you're right. but i feel like i need 8 arms sometimes to make everybody happy! haha and i think guys just DONT use the other side of their brain because...theyre like from another planet and their dna is implanted with a genetic code to just be POLAR opposite from us girls. wierdos.