Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've got the blues..

In my previous post, I purchased two La Femme eyeshadows yesterday. I experimented with them that night but didn't like it, so I put it away and went to sleep. I figured maybe blue just isn't for me. Well today after school, I decided to give them one more try. I'm still NOT in love with blue on me but I guess it looks okay. I think it just reminds me of MIMI and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But nonetheless, I tried.

So here was my experiment with blue on one eye..
Why are my bottom lashes nice but not my top?

So here's the look I did after school, giving blue a second chance...

Wearing blue, looking blue.

Crappy close up!

Then my friend Tina came over and I did a quickie make over on her. It ended up looking old school glam with the red lipstick. I loved it!

This is us after some retail therapy!

WHY do we look YELLOW! It must be the asian in us!

Our new sunglasses ;] YAY!

Anyways, the haul from today's shopping experience will probably be posted in another entry!


Hey! Thank you soo much for stopping by my blog and for the compliments, you are too sweet! =]

You are totally gorgeous! I'm loving the blue on you! It's really bold as well. TC.

Blue looks totally gorgegous on you. On mimi (from the drew carey show- i think u were referring to) - not so cute.

Your hair is so long and i love the way you style and cut it. Can i request a tutorial from you on how to cut hair? I remember that you said you cut your own hair on abb unless i mistaken.


neeyuh- no problem sweets, I enjoyed your blog! & thanks for stopping by mine and being so nice ;]

anonymous- Thanks hun! I've definitely had some trials with my hair, geez I don't even want to remember some of them but that's how you learn! I can definitely put up some tutorials on how to do some easy things, like side swept bangs or just bangs in general, and how to layer the front of your hair. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog and for being so sweet ;]

That will be perfect Jessica!! Thanks a lot : )