Thursday, August 14, 2008

BLOLD look & vs swatches

BLUE + GOLD = BLOLD. ok yea, no. -.-

So what do you think of when you think of Victoria's Secret? Alessandra Ambrosio or Heidi Klum in sexy underwear with extreme wind effects? I think that's what probably comes to everybody's mind, oh and the lotions and spray sets everyones gets for christmas. Well, I used to work for Victoria's Secret, as beauty specialist. Working there came with a great discount and lots of freebies, make up being one of them. A lot of people who came into the beauty section of Victoria's Secret mainly came for perfumes and lotions and what not. At that time, we had the POUT & AURA SCIENCE until they got discontinued ;( bummer. Pout had awesome brushes. ANYWAYS, the very sexy line came out, we had a huge event for its opening and it seemed like the beauty line was really trying to step up it's game. The packaging is so adorable, sleek black plastic with hot pink accents or jewels. REALLY cute. I think people really under estimated the very sexy line, but you'd be suprised how many faithful avid victoria secret lovers there are. I would say that their dry eyeshadows aren't as to par with let's say..MAC. but their main focus wasn't to attract people to their eyeshadows, which didn't sound like good marketing to me but hey! At the meetings, they told us that when people think of MAC they think of eyeshadows, so when people think of VERY SEXY, they wanted them to think of LIPS. ok whatever. Anways, one of the creators of the line was there to tell us about the production of the line. IT JUST SO HAPPENS, that CHANEL [yea chanel] had a part in it. If you go check out chanel, they have these great wet and cream eyeshadows that are 50 BONES! I saw this make up artist from there make over this girl and did this really dark smokey eye and just swiped the silver wet eyeshadow over it and it created this really nice sheen wet affect to the smokey eye it was so amazing! Anways, I have swatches for the wet/cream eyeshadows that I have from Victoria's Secret that I believe are only $15 compared to the $50 at Chanel. They have the same packaging and everything! So here we go!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Pillow Talk(WET), Wanting(WET), Stay Calm (Cream), Stay Lavish(Cream), Beauty Rush-Too Too Pink, Blutopia, Emerald City, Jet Set, Brown to Earth

Note: No base was used for the swatch, just bare arm and one swipe!

The difference between the wet and cream eyeshadows is that the wet ones, are watery, very sheen and light, and the cream ones and creamier, not sheen and thick for more intense color. The cream eyeshadows seem better to use as a base and the wet eyeshadows are really good to put OVER your eyeshadow, or under if you want.

I only did one eye because this was just for fun and I wasn't planning on going out.

What I used:

Ulta Eyeshadow Primer
VS Cream e/s Stay Calm
Ulta Palette Color Blue
Clinique High Definition Lashes in Black
Ardell's Babies


I forgot to mention that the beauty rush e/s are dry, and come out even better when used with a base. And the best thing about them is the price, when I bought them they were 2 for $10.


i like ur blog sweetie. and ur daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! china doll indeed!!

The wet/cream swatches are so pretty! Thanks for them.