Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FOTD: mermaid look, fiery eyes [picture heavy]

The mermaid look is a little late, I did it on sunday for church. I had enough time to squeeze to post on ABB, but not here because loading on this thing is ANNOYing. I really got to start uploading on photobucket but I'ma lazy bum =x So..who dresses up for church? I'm starting to think that my church is a RUNWAY fashion show. NO LIE. Even the guys look like they're about to hit the clubs right after[they probably are] and the girls are dressed pretty snazzy considering that it's just church. For me anyways, church is a time to reflect and give myself a breather. I honestly am not a practicing catholic, just a church goer but nothing more than that. I don't want to get too deep into that because my thought on my religion is too long and if anything would be on a post of it's own. Anyways, on to my point[which I always seem to drift away from] I just dress normal to church, plain make up and all but I just haven't done anything special with my make up lately so I figured I'd give it a go. I probably would most DEFINITELY not wear this look to school @.@

So here are the pictures!


I was checking for B.O? JK lol

why does my hair look curly?
CLOSE UPS. I tried my best to get it true to life.

It's a simple look & I only used two e/s. L'Oreal HIP Piggie in "Valiant" & VS Beauty Rush e/s in "Emerald City"

So this next look I did today. I didn't wear to school because I don't like looking flashy at school, I'm there to learn..I think. Uh..yea ok anyways hehe. I had some spare time on my hands the other day and I did this look on my friend and totally forgot to take pictures of it so I decided to try it on myself and it turned out...OK...hers turned out better. I got my inspiration from a flame. hahah PLUS I just got the L'Oreal shadow duo in "Cheeky" & I thought I'd put it to good use.

So here we go again!

Does it look like I rubbed some hot cheeto dust on my eyes LOL

The full face pictures didn't seem the catch the make up as much as I think it did in person. haha DAMN FLASH! I put the black e/s on pretty heavy too. blah. I think I'm gonna wash off my face now, I feel like chester the cheetoh's sister or something.


cute see-through top! LOL. I've been looking for some loose-fitting sweater tops but man...

and I love the way you do your make up. I frankly have trouble doing it in a timely manner, especially with these monolids (although I've been using the glue lately) so I tend to stick with super neutral or no shadows at all. I don't know why I buy the shadows though... I don't even use it lol.

Yea definitely didn't know it was see through till the pics :( maybe my flash has x-ray vision :( & the colorful make up barely leaves the front door of my house!

How's the glue? You should post some pics! I'm so curious!

Girl, these looks are so pretty on you! I really have to catch up with your blog. I promise I'll do that as soon as I can :) Keep doing your looks so I can "live through you" so to speak, cause I can't wear any crazy colors to work. And it keeps me motivated to be more colorful on the weekends.

I just started it so there's not much to catch up on! but THANKS girl!

I see mostly older people at my church, no fashion runway here.
U r looking pretty. you should start putting up tutorials if you got the time. I am still a color phobic , it's so hard to pull off bright colors for me. But you on the other hand can pull it off nicely. WHat mascara are you using, ur lashes look incredible.

Hi anonymous! Thanks for being so sweet! I'll put up some tutorials, anything in specific that you would like to see? Anything you would like to see me try? Honestly, I don't like wearing bright colors THAT much, it's really a rare occassion. I'm really a simple girl at heart. Don't be too scared of color! Have fun and even if you don't walk out the front door with it on! As for my mascara, I use Clinique! It's my HG! I love all their mascaras! But only on the bottom lashes. My top lashes are ardell's babies and sometimes I'll use demi wispies. Those are my fave. Thanks for stopping by my blog!