Thursday, December 9, 2010

rambunctious red head

Most people want the bright, true to color on the box hair color without having to strip (bleach) their hair.  Fear no more because it is possible to achieve bright colors without the harsh effects of stripping/bleaching. You will need:

LOREAL HiColor Dye ($4.98 & available at Sally's)
30 Volume Developer
Mixing bowl or bottle
Saran Wrap
Blow Dryer

(Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures during the process cause my hands were busy. )

Step 1: Put on towel and gloves to ensure no chemicals get on your clothes or skin. Safety first!

Step 2: Mix equal parts of dye:developer

Step 3: Spread all over hair, make sure to do roots last!

Step 4: After your hair is completely doused in hair dye, twirl hair into bun and wrap with saran wrap.
(To speed up process blow dry hair while in saran wrap on hot/warm setting, heat activates dye that's why your roots always finish first)

Step 5: Wash out hair dye and blow dry or style as desired. 


with flash

without flash
her hair before

Amazing bright red in one try without stripping! They also have some amazing browns if you want to have a light brown color without the brass or bleach. I also cut her hair by trimming in some top layers for better volume using a razor. Another tut perhaps?