Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Noche Buena Lovelies! & Threading Tutorial

I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday! I sure am but I am definitely vowing to never last minute Christmas shop ever again. The hustle and bustle was absolutely ridic! For some reason, I get so tired shopping for others. I guess cause it's so hard trying to figure out what to get other people and what they would like and budgeting your money as well. Anyways, after  a long day of tedious shopping, my friends and I stopped by FIVE GUYS BURGERS & FRIES! If you haven't had it, THEN GET SOME!

PWNS in & out!

Anyways, I hope u like the new vid, I did it during different times of the day so there's an obvious clarity difference. 


I'll try out threading some time once I get some confidence in my finger dexterity. I'm a lil paranoid that somehow I'm going to make go horribly wrong.
last min christmas shopping is the pits. I had to find an affordable set of cheese knives (which is near impossible as I found out) for someone who asked for them and I finally found a set yesterday after weeks of searching. It was awful, but I treated myself to the 40% off everything at Hollister lol
Merry Christmas!

@aradani Threading does take a bit of practice and precision that's why I haven't done it on my brows yet, just the peach fuzzies on my upper lip! Can't mess up there lol. Wow cheese knives, huh? That's an awesome deal at Hollister, I think my bf treated his nieces to some of that. I think the hardest thing about shopping is I end up liking the stuff I pick out and get all fickle about giving it away LOL

Thanks anon, my fiance picked a winner ;)

Your are more of a winner by my side! You are my arm bling!