Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where's the Holiday Spirit!?

I don't know about you guys but I feel a serious decline in holiday spirit. The holidays just don't feel warm, fuzzy and exciting anymore. The rain especially isn't helping, it's all damp and cold and all the crazy Christmas deco that was up at my neighbors' houses are taken down 'cause of the wind and rain. I don't know if I'm feeling that way because I'm getting older.

Anyways, last weekend my dad and his family and I took Serenity to DISNEY ON ICE! It was okay, definitely for children and definitely expensive! $15 for POPCORN!

That light up toy of death cost me a whopping $25 lol, like she wasn't dangerous as is.

Serenity was also in her FIRST PLAY ever! She was the old lady in the gingerbread man play. Look how I did her hair!

& last but not least some early Christmas presents I got!
Chanel pochette circa 1980
It's so gorge and you can't see it in the picture but it has a cute tassel on the side! Im in love ;)
and coicidentally, the bf got me matching boots to go with it as a late birthday present. It was originally supposed to match the Jimmy Choo but now it matches both! 
 50% off! NOW $64.90


Serenity's hair is so cute! Your bag and boots are also gorgeous.
Yeah, I'm never too excited about christmas because of all the hustle bustle it brings about. I do enjoy decorations tho

been lurking your blog for awhile and i just wana say im so frikkin glad your back girl!!

I would never have guessed that you have a kid! You look great! She's adorable and congratulations on her first ever play. <3

I remember my first trip to watch an ice show. I believe it was Disney on Ice and my mom had to buy all 5 siblings toys. :))

In the spirit of Christmas, I'm inviting you to join my international giveaway. Happy Holidays! :)