Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like a Game of Telephone

Jessica Dee & I were talking about how people act so different from their "online life" & their actual REAL life which leads me to rant!

It's so funny to me how some people can create this facade online to distort the truths of what actually happened or is. Do people not know that people in your real life read things you write? You may think they're not reading, but just like anybody else, they're curious. Seems like blogging is the online version of a reality show where you just distort things so you create this character that readers fall in love with. These bloggers supposedly expose themselves to you, make you feel their pains, their joys, their everything. Yet, you don't know if it's real or not. You don't really know if their lavish lifestyles really belong to them or anything really. I've been reading wayyy too many blogs about things that are super fabricated. If you're going to put your life out there for the world to read, it should be the truth. What do you need to lie about? Blogging isn't a popularity contest (I guess it may be for some) but it's more like letting your voice be heard in space & if one person is listening to the real you, then its worth it.

It's so hilar how people are even FAKER online. Please stop playing the victim for everything (break ups, shit talking, beat ups, jealousy etc), it's really not a pretty role. Victimizing yourself every single time, trying to justify your unethical actions, pretending to be some of sort of guru, all those are sooo lame. Please stop!! No one's perfect so please stop acting like you are! Thanks!

BTW, this is also how rumors and such get distorted... Just like that game of telephone when you were a kid!! Teacher tells you a sentence, you try your best to remember all the detz, then pass it along without fixing anything or repeating. Then it goes on, so on and so forth & before you know, the last person to hear it gets a completely different sentence! :) Thanks for reading, if you are reading because I seriously needed to rant about this !! IT MUST BE STOPPED (well, kind of, gives us something to lol about ;x)

Guys may find you more attractive because you supposedly like sports, playing games, aren't a shit talker, so down to earth...but sooner or later the real you comes out & you'll be exposed and alone.