Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanks for sharing w. the Newb!

First of all, I want to thank my bestie Jessica for sharing this blog with me. You know you have a great friend when they're willing to share something they love. Thanks Jess, love yah!!

I love ranting about everything and anything that comes to mind, especially when it comes to sports & food! I enjoy cooking regularly, but the occasional meal out is also a treat. When it comes to sports, I'm just a HUGE basketball fan (no favorite team, I just appreciate the sport) & MMA.

Speaking of which, this past weekend I went to the TUF Finale at the Pearl @ the Palms in Las Vegas & you'll never believe how much my boyfriend & I got in for..................................$30 for both tickets! The tickets we got were originally $200 a piece but thank goodness for people who don't really know about the sport because we certainly enjoyed it. Yes, it was a night of decisions but they had amazing fights nonetheless. If you ever go to a fight @ the Pearl, make sure you walk downstairs because there are SO many fighters in the lower level. (Kendall Grove, Brandon Tavares, Gray Maynard, Greg Jackson, Skyscrape, etc).

Next day, I surprised my boyfriend with a meal @ the Wynn buffet & WOW. All you can say is wow because you walk in and it looks like a dream, the decor, the layout, the food, it was all SO amazing. We had the Sunday brunch which was about $35/person (tax included) & if you wanted to add champagne it was an extra $7. It was pretty great because we got there between brunch & dinner and we were able to enjoy everything they had to offer. Everything there was delicious except for the dessert mousses << I don't know what went wrong there but it was not good. To make up for it, their crepes and creme brulees (crunchy crust yum) are to die for. They also serve their gelatos in these teeny tiny tea cups that are very adorable. =) Ok, well here's to my first post & hopefully many more to come! If you want to know more about what I'm doing follow me: @conniechacha www.twitter.com/conniechacha

dana white & his son
wynn buffet

crepe from wynn

mini cupcakes, creme brulee and raspberry mousse

strawberry sorbet, pistachio macaroon, chocolate mousse & creme brulee