Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tutorial: Light Smokey Eyes

I used Smashbox "Classifeyed" Palette & can you say PERFECT palette for blondes/brunettes who want a smokey eye without it being too harsh or raccoon eyed, or just in general for those who don't want the typical harsh smokey eye. Even though it's purple, it blends in very neutral and makes the browns in my eyes POP! 

& did you guys notice anything different? ANYTHING AT ALL!?

Give up?

Alright, it's my hair! I did it yesterday. I put in some medium ash brown low lights to add dimension and to make my roots blend in more during the blonde "grow out". It's cost effective and gives me more time in between root touch ups! Hip HIP HOORAY!

Oh yeah & the tutorial :) I hope you ENJOY IT :D