Friday, July 15, 2011


So, my newest hobby is making charms :) These are my first ever pieces that I've made. I think I did okay for a noob :) I was thinking they could be on bracelets or keychains, or even the phone thingamajiggers. What are they called? Phone charms? LOL.

I'm making themed sets next, like pacman characters, sanrio, desserts :) SO EXCITED!


do you like mold these out of clay? or are you gluing pieces together? Either way too cute lol and I'm the same way with art/design and crafts. Everything about me has to be cute and fanciful all the time!

Hey anony :) I don't glue anything, I freehand sculpt these myself. No molds! What about you? Do you do clay as well? Anyways, thanks for reading and commenting ! xoxo