Saturday, July 2, 2011

Battle Bacon

Anybody who really knows me will tell you that I'm the weirdest person alive because I don't like bacon!! Yeah, I know, I know it is strange but something about the texture, fat, taste it just doesn't rub me right. So this experimental dish was inspired by bacon-loving friends (like Jessica), it's chicken breast wrapped in turkey bacon with a white wine mushroom corn cream sauce with brown rice & a bed of fresh herbs and greens. In hopes of battling my bacon-hating demons I challenged myself to include it in my next meal.

Ok, I marinated the chicken breast over night with my favorite spices & then wrapped them with the turkey bacon today. I oven baked them at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes with some white wine. The sauce is just a simple white sauce with mushrooms, garlic, corn and red pepper flakes. The brown rice was cooked over the stove because I'm a horrible Asian-being and I do not have a rice cooker! I suppose keeping it old school saves me money and room in the kitchen. I mean the sauce isn't the healthiest thing in the world but everything else is.... right? Maybe... maybe not but they are healthier alternatives. I mean cooking at home is way healthier than eating out right? Of course! You know exactly what you're putting in there, how much of it,where it comes from and you save money. The best part of it is, you can always experiment and tweak whatever recipes you know. Making food from scratch can be time consuming but once you get used to it, you can whip up a tasty meal within 30 mins (yeah I channel my inner Rachel Ray) as long as you know how to multitask.

For dessert, I made an orgasmic chocolate cupcake with an even better chocolate ganache whip topped with a milk chocolate garnish & chocolate covered strawberry. This was also made from scratch with a very basic chocolate cake recipe, even more basic chocolate ganache recipe & with the help of my fridge the chocolate garnish was possible. If you are in the SoCal (LA) area and are interested in purchasing some cupcakes, go ahead leave me a comment, tweet me(@conniechacha) or email me for more info! I hope this post made you hungry and want to experiment in the kitchen with foods you don't really like. Who knows, maybe you'll end up loving it. :) & Nahh still not in love with bacon yet but this was a damn yummy meal.


looks delicious! great idea

Simple but sounds delicious. I think I am going to do something inspired by this recipe for dinner.