Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tutorial: Curls WITHOUT Heat

hair air dried, no product.
Is it possible...

to beat the heat without breakin' a sweat in 3 minutes or less?

-Of COURSE it is! I learned this trick awhile back in high school when putting your hair in a bun was the "cool" thing to do and after school I would take it down and one side of my hair would be nice but the other would be weird. And I thought about it and I realized the reason one side was messed up and the other wasnt was because it was all in the same direction because it was in ONE bun! Don't get it? AHH, you'll see! Don't get ur knickers in a knot! Anywhoo, this method I use is perfect for me because I am blonde and well, when you're blonde, HEAT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. 

Besides, it shaves off a good 15-25minutes off any "getting ready" time!