Sunday, July 3, 2011

$5 Ring Organizer!

 5 BUCKS for a 36 ring organizer?? Sick steal, RIGHT?


I ordered two of them and one came out perfectly fine & the other had a scratch. I'm not too anal about it so I'm not even gonna bother to complain, it does the job. BUT one thing that was weird to me was the plastic, clear part was DIRTY? I wiped it off with some windex so no biggie, but still..

I HATE DIRTY. Messy, on the other hand, is another story!

MEH, for $5 it does the deed so I'm not gonna complain too hard. As long as it organizes rings!

I ordered it from here. has a whole bunch of discounted make up & hair knick knacks as well as a whole bunch of random things! It's worth checking out but I will warn you, even though it's uber cheap the things I've ordered from there are NOT THE BEST OF QUALITY. Remember you get what you pay for! I do like their eyelashes though, it's extremely cheap. I believe it's a dollar for 10 pairs! So even if they're flimsy and what not, I think I can afford .10 a day for a fresh pair of eyelashes on the daily!

Anyways, to check out my ring organizer up close and personal, I made a video :D