Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Death Sentence By MAIL: What's WORSE!?

Talk about a double whammy. 
The two things that tops bills 10 fold.

On the contrary, I think I'd rather be bored to bits than to be laid out spread eagle under an interrogation light by an instrument that looks like a pair of duck lips. But instead of quacking when it opens it's mouth, it clicks. CLICKS OF DEATH I TELL YOU! Worst of all, I'm horrible at tests & a pap smear is a test I don't want to FAIL! How does one study for a pap btw? I'm kidding heh heh. 

But seriously, JURY DUTY? PAP? WHY ME!? 

 But on a happy note..GUESS WHAT I GOT!?
 Review Of The Day on YELP :D



AHHHH!! you got it rough girl :(:(
but at least there was a happier note at the end of it all! :D