Monday, June 20, 2011

addicted to CRACKle: $1 NAILPOLISH

Yes, it's all true. I did not falsely lure you into reading my post, all the type is true to hype ;)

 I originally had just bought the white and gun metal colors just because I wasn't trying to get TOO excited about these considering how much they were. I mean c'mon, nowadays you definitely get what you pay for or luck out. THANKFULLY, I lucked out. I found these babies at the dollar depot by my house and when I saw how well it worked...(y'know I have such high cracking standards) I had to buy more.

Now, another recent addiction of mine has been working out. I am definitely on that summer bod grind. So, I stopped by my local SPROUTS market (best market, EVER.) and picked this up. I don't know how well it works yet but I'm a simple girl. All I wanted was some whey protein powder, low in carbs with no added sugar , yummy and OH YOU CAN'T FORGET..CHEAP!!!

25% off for a grand total of $25.
meh, not bad not bad!

& intoducing the self professed best mixer bottle ever! As you can see it has a little ball whisky thing to make sure you don't have nice clumpy surprises in your throat, unless of like that.

If I'm ballsy enough I'll be posting pics of my should be warned though, blindness may occur! And I take no liability if my pictures causes trauma, nausea or light headedness !