Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tarte: trés cheek LE natural cheek stain set

Retails for: $25

Overall, I like it. Smells yummy, there are a few other scents (not in the set) that are on the funky side so go to your nearest Sephora and sniff! The only thing I was really disappointed with was the amount of blush in the tube. I twisted it up and it seemed like I twisted it about twice and that was the end of the tube. The colors are very pretty and pigmented. I've been going for the dewy look lately so this definitely helps.

I like blush ITSELF but would not invest into a set but rather into a full sized tube.

The actual tarte blushes I give a 5/5


The SET will have to be a 2/5 for me just because of how little there is in the tube.


& here are some swatches

Posh is probably my favorite then Chic, then Fierce. I love them all though!


Posh is really pretty! When I saw that picture, I was like really? that's it? That's really really little! But the packaging is so cute!

These look cute, but sux they don't have much product. I'm slowly starting to get into blushes and all because I never felt they looked right on me. Posh looks like a really pretty color!

Hahah I think I like fierce most then Chic! All 3 are really pretty! That is a small amount though.. =T.

Hahahhaha geez! If my toes do fall off, I'll come back and yell at you! =P A month?!!! >.<

Mine are feeling better.. I think =P

luckily it doesn't have that funky smell like the other ones!!!

we will hangout sooon..PROMISE!! Possibly dinner date on sunday?..or hang out tuesday?? I have class from 3-5ish..let me know!! :]

WOW that is really only a little bit. thanks for the review. i think i can pass on this now .. but cute packaging! haaha.

i loves them!!!
i love the way chic looks..
hopefully they'll last u a good while since it does seem like its very little product :D

How much are these???
I m currently looking for a cream blush and thanks for posting them!
I might give it a try esp. Sephora is having a sale starting tom'row right?
Just one thing, are these easy to apply-to blend?

yeah.. it rlly doesnt twist into much... but who knows, a little sometimes goes a long way ;)

and the swatches look so puuurty.. very rich & creamy on ur hand.. or glowy should i say.

the packaging is very pretty too.


gorgeous but yah thats really little! why make us carry around so much packaging for that

but...but... you'd be the HOTTEST LOLITA SORE LOSER on blogger (wink wink)

those are mad blinging!! looks really pretty! ive always wanted to try tarte make up!

I tried buying these and they're all sold out from Sephora site :(

Ooohhh that's what I want to do this weekend, go play at Sephora! hehe I haven't tried any of those brands but thanks for reviewing and swatching. I'll be sure to check them out!

I didnt get the new lay out yet, did yah?
Read-read the books, its really fun and the movie comes out soon.

Pretty but little...... a lot of boys are like that nowadays.... ahahaha :)

hey haven't talked to u for a while. how r things? wow those cheek stains look fun!

They look really bling! But they don't contain much huh....

wth! that much in the tube!? but the colors are pretty though :)

omg!! thanks so much for posting this! so cute, but so little?? darn!!

WOW! That's really helpful!
I REALLYYY wanted to order them, but stopped myself. Now, I know I should just find ONE color and get a full size.

They are all beautiful though!


I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister. I had no idea there was so little blush in there!