Monday, November 3, 2008


SO the plan was that we were all going to do 1950's greaser kind of look. But it ended up not pulling through at the last minute so we all went up girl? It was super last minute and it turned out okay. I'm the only one who didnt have pin up hair ;[

My halloween look.

The girls & I

Serenity's a pirate princess!!

Trick or treat!

Serenity in her pirate ship lookin' for scurvy pirates!

Can you tell they love each other?


Hotttttttttttt Pinup Girl Look!!!
Rawr Mama -- you WORK them red lips and the do, and even your girls too!! rock on sistahs!

and "hint hint" enter the pinup girl contest "hint hint"

Welcome back! I was wondering where you went... hehe~ How cute you guys dressed up to take your children trick or treating! :)

Omg.. so cute!! you look so sexy && the kid pictures r so cute!! =)

you look great regardless woman. at least you dressed up for halloween! :) and ya baby girl looks so cute too, i hope she enjoyed herself!


you're makeup is SO HOT, I didn't even notice that you didn't have pin up hair!! You're little girl is so cute!! ;) Are you going to teach her about the ways of makeup when she gets older?

aww thank you! :) your babes is really cute too.. she got it from her mama ;) lol

awwwww so cute!!!!!!!!! love it. u look gorgeous as always

finally i missed you!! lol i should do my halloween post soon :[..too lazy and i just took a huge test that im recovering asap!!

You look so cute as a pin up girl and I think it's great that you guys dressed up to take the kids trick or treating! I love the red lips too!

You look so cute as a pin up girl and I think it's great that you guys dressed up to take the kids trick or treating! I love the red lips too!

awww you and your babygirl are gorgeouss. i love her outfit. so different.

niceee! i liek those red lips

looking hot mama!!

cute pix! your little girl is too cute! <3

You look hot, I love the red lips.

Your little girl is sooo cute!

You all looked soooo pretty, I wish I could rock the red lipstick like you! Serenity made an adorable pirate princess!! =)

oh doll you look FIERCE! as always!


all i can say is RED SHE SAID...those lips are the shit...and your babygirl is looking adorably snazzy...

lamo you guys are bunch of hot high heeled mama's!!!

Everyone looks so great! Must have been a fun Halloween. The little girls are adorable!

oh gosh whenever i see ladies with beautiful red lips, i'm like "i want that too" lol but then i never get around to getting the right shade of red.

thanks for the warm welcome doll! its coool ive been warned about increased spending after joing but ive been 'hauling' makeup for years so my husband is pretty damn prepared haha. speaking of which.. i'll be posting a pretty big haul entry after the weekend so stay tuned!

btw.. your daughter is freakin adorable! <3

Wow you look amazing with red lips...*jealous* and
I LOVE that eyeshadow! ;)

love the pin-up style.. my fave of all time..