Friday, November 14, 2008


OK so it's not my birthday YET. It's going to be this Saturday but I'm getting ready as we speak to leave for VEGAS!! I'm sooo sorry I haven't really been around blogger! But as soon as I get back from vegas I will be reading all of your blogs and commenting like usual ;]

I'm so excited to go and to finally be REUNITED with my hubby !!


Pack me in your bag!Take me with you....DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when you are wasted off your ass please think of me. Oh, and don't get into the wrong limo! I almost did that shit...hahahaha.... HAVE FUN and Happy early Birthday hottie!!

happy EARLY birthday sexy lady!

awwww HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY mama -- and what a great way to celebrate!!!


Take lots of pictures!!! Have the best bday weekend ever!

I haven't been blogging either..just reading up on other people hehe. Vegas sounds like FUN! So have a greeat time and happy early birthday :D !

Woohoo vegas ! Hope you enjoy over there :) Happy Birthday !

happy early bday! yay for you and your man!

happy birthday! i really like your blog! mind if i link you?=)

Happy early birthday! Have fun, but be safe... and make sure you bring everything you need, cause tax is crazy there! :)

Happy EARLY birthday!
I hope you have fun in Vegas :D

happy birthday hun, have a good one (:


oooh i know u'llb hvae so much fun. If u go clubbing, stop at the Bellagio Hotel & go to The Bank.

lol and just think while ur there, that i clubbed there last month, lol or that was my hotel, and its like were hanging out lol.

advanced happy birthday! have lots of funnnn! :D

happy early birthday. have fun vegas your soo lucky =)

awww sweet!
why r u guys separated??? does he have a job somewhere else? i would have to go through that.. i need my bf! haha well.. he needs me.. ill wish u a happy birthday on sat!

oh my gosh how exciting: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Belated Birthday gorgeous!! :D

I hope you are having fun!


Can't wait to see some pictures! =)

Happy Blated birthday!! just one day late.. hope ur havin a BLAST!!!!!!

why did I miss this entry? lol, anyways hun hope you had a terrific birthday!?! and partied your ass off!

VEGAS BABY Have fun, and when you gamble, think of it as a game! Don't play to win or else you'd end up losing it all. I'm awaiting my 21st to head to vegas... so head double the fun for me girl ;)

I will be expecting lots of pictures!
Oh, and happy early birthday!

belated happy birthday sa iyo dear! hope you had fun on your very special day :) i missed your blog haha

Girl, where are you!? Long time no blog, eh??

did you ever come back from vegas? =/

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hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

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