Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Manic Makeover: Edgy Rihanna Inspired Cut & Make up

 My friend's little sister has been someone I've been dying to do a make over on cause she's got such a great face but could care less or just simply doesn't know how to bring out the best in her features. I always thought to myself, "if only she would this...or that, she would be so pretty!" And the day finally came that her face and hair became my blank canvas to unleash years of accumulated visions! I get a rush out of transforming a vision they couldn't see in themselves,  into reality. 

 As you can see, her locks are so long this girl could single handedly cover the head of every bald headed person that walks this earth! She's a walking weave goldmine! I wanted to do a cut that would bring out her inner edginess, not going too girly but framing her face well. So yeah, I went scissor happy! But I'm pretty happy with the results, I attempted an asymmetrical bob,

This girl was not easy to put make up on! She kept fidgeting and giggling LOL my five year old stays more still for her haircut than this girl!  But it was worth it just to see the end product! She's all grown up now ;)


her cut looks amazing! great job!