Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap: Indian Food & Closet Building

         So this previous weekend I tried Indian food for the first time! I was pretty skeptical about it because I was afraid that the spices might be too overwhelming or not to my liking but since Connie Cee recommended it, why not? It wasn't planned at all total happenstance because after picking up supplies for my closet, I yelped around and found a highly recommended Indian spot.

                                                            Bismillah Halal Tandoori
8901 Knott AveBuena Park, CA 90620

To the left are Veggie Samosas! Absolutely DELISH loved it! It was stuffed with potatoes and veggies, so warm and fluffy with a hint of nutmeg in the background. It was my favorite part of the meal! To the right are just random veggies and dipping sauces.
Naan w. ground beef, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala and basmati rice
chicken tikka masala
tandoori chicken
Naan bread stuffed with ground beef

mango lassi, so yummy!

Overall, the spices in the food were different than anything I've ever tasted but it was good. It definitely has a distinct taste but it's something you've gotta try atleast once in your life. I wish they had an Indian bakery that I could swoop up some somosas and lassi at!

Anyways, back at home we got working square at my closet by removing the entire left side. I wanted to maximize closet size my adding another shelf/rack for clothes.

pretending I'm working damn hard!
what a mess!
dawdling while my friend does all the work LOL
good friends help friends build closets!
dawdling, again!
anybody need a new nose? I'd be glad to break you a new one!
so cute!
aww, handy manny has a helper!

mess, mess, mess!
R.I.P. mirror
If you've read previous posts, I've broken many, many mirrors, but this time it was not my fault. Blame the kids running around my room
one up! one to go!

Putting in work making sure the new mirror is secure, can't bear to have another one die on me!



room before (panoramic app on iphone)
room after

Phew! Finally done! I'm so excited that my closet is finally coming together. I've been on the hunt for a 50pair shoe shelf/rack. The only thing that bugs me is I have my shoes all seperated, some on a rack, some on the tier, some in other places, I just wanna keep them all in one place! How do you guys organize your shoes? Any recommendations? 


The closest looks good and your daughter has grown so big!

loving it after. cant help i live in an orderly mess.

@ahleesa time flies doesn't it!

@bombchell i clean my room all the time now and i always think it's easier to find things in a mess than when i just cleaned! i always forget how i organized it haha

@christiana i live in the guesthouse that's why it's so big! It was designed to be like a studio apartment :)