Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Start To My 2011 (really pic heavy)

Happy belated 2011 to all of you! Well for the New Year my bf and I headed out to Vegas because I had bought him tickets to UFC 125. We watched the New Years countdown in front of the MGM Hotel & Casino, the fireworks, the dancing crowd dancing on the strip, it was all quite a wonderful experience.
We stayed in the new City Center on Las Vegas Blvd (the strip) at Vdara. It's a beautiful non-smoking, no casino hotel with an amazing view of the strip, 15 & their roadway. Now generally when we go to Vegas, we're not into the whole clubbing scene but we manage to have a good time by gambling. The weather was pretty cold for a California native (30 something degrees = nipply) So, on New Years day, we went to UFC 125 which had an amazing fight card filled with lots of knock outs and disappointment. There was a championship fight between Maynard & Edgar, and it ended up becoming a DRAW! SAY WHAT? (I had Maynard winning..) Obviously, the crowd was pretty shocked!

Anyway, next day we decided to walk around the Cosmopolitan (also located @ City Center) & it is O M G AMAZEBALLS! The beauty, the elegance, the art, the detail... everything about it is so pretty. They have this amazing bar/lounge called The Chandelier, and it's just this giant chandelier hanging from the roof cascading to the floor. There is also this jewelry place called Jason of Beverly Hills & their bling is breathtaking. Remember those snow globes when you were a kid? Well, imagine that but in accessory and diamond form -- AHHH SO AMAZING. One of their watches will also run you about 100k... so IDK about all that but it's def something to look at. If you ever go to Vegas, you NEED to check out City Center, it's so detail oriented, I LOVE IT! (Bring an extra battery because you WILL be taking loads of pix)
Enjoy the pictures, there are more to come!

-Connie Cee

(left) Fireworks from NYD (middle) Part of our view from Vdara (right) Art piece displayed in front of Vdara.

The beauty of the Cosmopolitan..

The giant chandelier I was talking about.. The picture to the right of it is an art piece made out of tiny little beads!

(left) The new vending machines, (middle) giant High heel, (right) that GORG pink syringe from Jason of Beverly Hills

(left) Gun ring from Jason of Beverly Hills

(left) a water/wishing fountain at the City Center (right) beautiful stairs at the City Center
Dessert from the Wicked Spoon Buffet inside the Cosmopolitan, everything was delish & yes.. GOLD DUSTED desserts. hehehe. The buffet was also a good bang for my buck.. it was about $30/person which is a decent price in Vegas. Def worth it! yummy yummy in my tummy!


now i want desserts & to go to vegassss

btw i want that gun ring.. k thanks <3 hehehe

I'm loving the red chandelier at Cosmopolitan! :) The stairs look amazing because of the mosaic effect. <3

I bet you had a great time! I went to Vegas last month and it was great! Try the buffet at Aria. :)

@Melinda- Right? the ring is amazing!

@-Toni-- I lovedd everything about the Cosmopolitan! & their buffet was pretty delish too but next time I'm in Vegas I'll def try Aria's buffet. We'll have a switch off! lol I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tip & for reading <3

@Jessica-- you're the rude pos <3