Sunday, May 15, 2011

Less is MORE. Barely any make up with lots of make up

 Is less really more?
Is more actually..less? 

When I was younger, I thought having bright, fancy stellar make up was the way to go & as I grow older, yes...OLDER, I like wearing neutrals and stay away from anything bright. Kind of reminds me of Myspace and Facebook. Back in the days it was all about bright, neon, customized myspace and now facebook. Sure it's kind of boring, it just kind of fits the mold without any customization. It's simple and has a more mature setting about it. Maybe, we're not supposed to Myspace our face and customize it, perhaps all along, you're just supposed to Facebook it. Keep it simple & user friendly.

WOW..Did I just compare faces to Myspace & Facebook?

-yeah, I think I did. Lame comparison but you get the gist of it!

I just used the most basic of make up so I'm not even gonna bother to put up what I used. I just primarily focused on everything else other than my eyes. I put on eyelashes and mascara and just a bit of eyeshadow, just enough to enhance my crease and still make it look natural. I put all of my attention to my skin and contoured it...

Just remember...ENHANÇE IT! DON'T MASK IT!
Let your make up do more for you by putting less rather than putting more make up and showing less of you. 

You are not beautiful make up, you are a beautiful girl!


agree with u beautiful girl not beautiful make up . sometimes the make up make someone less

Haha I loved the comparison! It was very true :P You look stunning in the pictures. I agree, as I got older I also drifted from the bright flashy makeup and fell into more neutrals :) I agree, less is more! and more can be less :) Lovely post Jess! <3

you are looking gorgeous....