Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collective Haul & Video

So few items, so many dollars! I actually haven't bought from MAC in awhile. I'm not really a BRAND whore. As in, I don't commit to just one brand or have any favorite brands for that matter. I guess I have favorite brands for specific things but in all things even my wardrobe to accessories, I'm a fan of diversity. I believe each brand has it's own "thing" and there are too many wonderful "things" out there to just be married to one brand. Not knockin' on anyone who is committed to certain brands, just my philosophy ;)

Pictured above is:  Plushglass "Ample Pink" Cremesheen "Ever Hip" & Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul"

I really, really love these products or else I wouldn't have bothered buying them considering I've bought a lot of make up lately but my new all-time favorite lipstick HAS TO BE EVER HIP. It is so damn gorge, I can barely stand it ;)

Ever Hip on it's own has such a NOT-TOO-FUNKY-but-just-enough-funk kind of barbie pink color and I LA LA LA LOVE IT! Enough pop w/out all the slop! & the best part is, I can take it down a notch with a little bit of gloss. Best of both worlds? I think so. Anyways, check out what else I got by watching the video below! Enjoy!



lo, your videos are too funny! I totally have a shopping problem too-no joke, the only way I could get myself to focus and write my essay today was after I bribed myself with 3 lipglosses!You look beautiful as usual! Please keep making frequent videos! mkay bye ;)

@anony I'll try my best with the video thing, they are hard to make! but yeah, atleast you're using your addiction for positive things, I haven't even thought of bribing myself ;x I think I'd get it regardless LOL