Monday, May 2, 2011

Orogold & Shopping With Cha Cha Teaser

 So this past weekend, miss cha cha & I went SHOPPING at the Santa Anita Mall (huge, confusing mall it is!)! I am going to be putting up a haul video/pics of all the junk we bought & a review/see it in action video on OROGOLD.

So what is OROGOLD? Never heard of it? Maybe you've seen their cart or store and didn't pay it any mind, only noticed it's Paris Hilton look-alike in a mascarade ball mask? In the Los Cerritos Center they have a cart but all I ever noticed was the Paris Hilton look-alike--not very appealing. For some reason, most mall carts that sell do not appeal to me, they actually turn me off because I feel like as I'm approaching the 10 ft radius of the cart. the employee targets me & has some plan of attack on how to lure me into trying their silly product or worse, a creepy guy who tries to hit on me or use compliments to lure me to his cart. Carts technically have no perimeter so it's kind of  feels like forcefully being in sale predator territory, whereas a store is something of CHOICE. You walk in there because you wanted to and most employees, not all, don't breathe down your neck.

ANYWAYS, I'm going way off topic with my cart vs store babble...

So OROGOLD is basically a company that uses gold & other metals in their products, which is skin care & cosmetics. Apparently, gold has special properties other than luster ;) But you shall have to wait to wait for the review to see...

if OROGOLD is really the goldmine of beauty & youth or just fool's gold!
 Kelly Moses - Sales Manager
Nice guy....great salesman.
 Apparently, he's based out in Vegas but has come out to California to help start up a few stores that opened up in the greater los angeles area. Go visit him at Santa Anita Mall & get a free demonstration! But if that's too far for you, he'll be at the Beverly Center in just a few weeks!

Stay tuned & STAY GORJESS,