Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Care For A Drink? (Jewelry Organization & Art)


 Even though I have a large vanity/dresser, I liked to keep the top of it as clutter-free as POSSIBLE. & I find it kind of an eye-sore to see all my jewelry on top of it. That is why I refuse to buy a jewelry tree (I really want a jewelry armoire but it's so expensive!), I just don't want that much stuff on my vanity. So I keep the majority of my jewelry in the drawers but I like to keep of the jewelry I use most often on the dresser as it is easier to access.  & without spending a DIME I came up with this cute way of organizing my most-used jewelry, making it easily accessible & not an eye-sore.

---BTW I'm not a drinker, I just had the bottle from a night long time ago we did sake bombs at my house and since I know there's not gonna be any pop poppin' of any bottles anytime soon, I used that to hold my bracelets and used the martini glass I got for doing the boost challenge at a mall, awhile ago.

& this is a painting I did for my boyfriend for our anniversary ;) Just thought I'd share! It has a Filipino sun, cause we're Filipino! Well, he's actually only half, but still! & there are 5 stars for the 5 years we've been together, the sun is not included as a star. & the moon was a crescent and now FULL = complete. Also, our heads make a heart, kind of, it was what I was going for, sort of a completeness of our hearts ;) YES, I know--SO corny. The heart area was used with all metallic paint so it has a cool effect in person.

& look what woke me up this morning!!!

Is that sweet or is that sweet?



Cute!! & that's so sweet of her aww.

I just watched your yt videos. Im glad you decided to do videos. I love you already. You have sucha warm bubbly personality. I think I will be learning alot from you. I can't wait for more videos. I just started to wear falsies and mascara with no liner to make my eyes pop. What false lashes do you use? Im in love with Ardell Wispies! They look so natural on asian eyes.