Monday, April 18, 2011

The Shoporexic's Relapse: Recession-Proof Your Closet!

Some of you may or may not know but for the past couple of weeks I've been SHOPOREXIC (depriving one's self of shopping) & have BINGE-SHOPPED as a result of this shoporexia.  2 weeks left, or maybe 1, I don't know. BUT I HAVE FAILED---utterly & completely. On a good note though, most of my purchases have been completely wallet friendly, practically a steal! I was going to just do one complete haul and put it out there but I'm going to break it down  into 4 sections: accessories. clothes, bags & make up. I KNOW, I know, a lot of shopping for something who's supposed to be shoporexic. I'M A SHOPOREXIC TURNED  SHOPAHOLIC!

The majority of all the accessories I'm about to show you are a $1!

When I first saw these, a rush of high school memories came flooding back & two things came to mind: SHARPIE EYEBROWS & BIG HOOPS EARRINGS! I'm down for the return of hoops but the sharpie will never get a come back on this face! And then it dawned on me, 3 hoops for a $1!? What! that's .33 cents an earring! Definite steal. & these weren't no flimsy aluminum feeling hoops either!

&  check out this Alexander McQueen Skull inspired ring !!!


My new skull & hello kitty ring! $1

Mini TOPHAT! I saw this and fell in love! It's so friggen' ADORBS! This was a dollar as well!

 & $1 NERD glasses! 
All dollar items listed were purchased at my local Dollar Depot!
This was actually a gift but isn't cute as heck!?

& check this out.....
looks like your ordinary wristley/pochette...

OH..but what is this inside?...

It's a bird? It's a plane?....

No! My sillies, it's the greatest invention ever made! Totally pwns the snuggie IMHO.
It's Dr. Scholl's For Her Fast Flats!! 

Where have these things been all my life!? How many nights have I worn utterly gorgeous heels that have slaughtered my little piggies into blistery hell! I love how it's so compact and I can take it anywhere with me, ANYTIME! And the cute wristlet doesn't hurt either! I was able to snag this baby up for $5 at Walmart! I don't know how long these will be on sale for but their original price tag is $10! Still worth it to me! Go snag up a pair in the pharmacy section !

Every time there's a lack of money, it's ART that's the first to go! And by art I mean, art progams in school and art in our lives, nails, hair, clothes become the first to be CUT out of our budget! But cut no more & save galore! Stay tuned for my next post on my clothes purchase!