Friday, April 29, 2011


 So yesterday, I went to meet a friend for Korean BBQ and as I was leaving I got a text to meet up at a different time -____- annoying much, YES. Blessing in disguise, HELL YES.

WHY, you say?
Because I said so? Just kidding. But seriously, because I ended up killing time waiting for that semi-flake by shopping. I remember my daughter asking about these..twinkle twats? Oh yeah, that's right TWINKLE TOES (the-omg-i-gotta-have-em-shoes-bc-everyone-else-does) that she's been hinting to me about & she's only 6. GEEZ LOUIS, I know, major spoilage sounding but she's really not. She earns everything I give her, from her grades to her attitude, so don't be a judgmental PTA mom up in here tryna judge me OK! I get enough of that at her school lol. I digress, so I wound up at ROSS & found her twinkle twats & mommy a nice pair of spring shoes (see above)! & the best part, they were only $5.... SAY WHAT?

O-N-L-Y F-I-V-E-D-O-L-L-A-R-S!!!!

The infamous twinkle twats that is so impossible to find in her size ;)
& yes, I know it looks like chucks lost a fight to a bedazzler. 

& check out my oh so snazzy purse holder. $1.99 & I ain't lyin! ISN'T IT CUTE. YES I know these things came out a bajillion years ago but I wasn't gonna pay $10-15 for a piece of metal to hold up my purse when I can just steal someone's chair or make my boyfriend hold it ('cause isn't that what they're for? holding purses & buyin' em! JK they're for pissing us of 90% of the time & drawing us back in the other 10%) Anyways, I got the lady bug cause I love 'em and they're supposedly good luck ;) & a girl needs all the luck she can get!
Yesterday was the first day I rocked my MJ bag & let me tell you, IT IS HEAVY AS HAIL. Seriously, my biceps were bulging from holding it so long.

 & to top it off $10 All You Can Eat KBBQ...

Mr. Lee's BBQ House
12300 South Street
Artesia, CA 90701-7040
(562) 809-1339

Hands down thee best all you can eat KBBQ in the long beach/cerritos/norwalk/lakewood area. SERIOUSLY. The marinated chicken & beef is the BOMB. If you haven't been there, get over THERE! You're missing out ;)

Have a great weekend lovelies,


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Thanks 4 buying them 4 me buddy!!