Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dollar Polishes & TokiDoki

Hola, just wanted to give you guys a quickie on a couple things I've bought. Probably going to do a review video on other things I bought. Thanks for reading & don't forget to follow me on twitter & youtube @conniechacha

Here, I bought 5 off brand nail polishes from a nail warehouse in L.A. called SkyLine Nails. The colors are true to what you see & the best part is.. everything in this pic was only $1!!!! Yes, even the piggy bank from the Dollar Tree was only $1. Didn't have to break the bank and all this stuff lasts just as long as any big brand.

For Valentine's Day, I decided to buy myself something & of course my boyfriend as well. It's always so hard to shop for a guy but since my boyfriend loves Marvel, I decided to buy him & myself TokiDoki skate decks. I bought him the limited edition Marvel Skate Deck2 ($68) and myself the Las Vegas ($60)deck. Since the factory is in Los Angeles, I received the package the next day! These are great decorative pieces for the house. ( )

Take Care,